THE FUTURE IS WELL FOUNDED, through tenacity, diligence and innovation

Having commenced operations in 2000, the company was originally named Slip Knot Investments 6 (Pty) Ltd, nothing but a shelf company at the time. As the Group evolved, it became necessary to rebrand the company as a progressive entity. The name SKG Properties emerged as an acronym of “Slip Knot Group”, which retains our journey over the past 13 years, while allowing us to look forward with refreshed perspectives.

Our new logo represents the heart and mind of the company and its many employees. The team’s immutable optimism and drive is represented in the blue colour palette and the concentric circular lines, which are reminiscent of a moving propeller and symbolic of new heights and new horizons. This energy is channelled into properties that enhance and improve the way of life of our customers, clients, tenants and partners. The modern yet established font speaks both of a firm foundation and an innovative outlook on the property industry.

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2nd Floor, SKG Building, Beacon Bay Crossing, C/o N2 & Bonza Bay Rd
Beacon Bay, 5241, East London, South Africa
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